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Rev Up (6th-8th)

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Parent Notes:

We are talking to students about Baptism. Many of our students have decided to follow Jesus, but haven’t yet followed Him in Baptism. Please talk about this as a family. Because Baptism is so important, we want to make sure each student understands both the meaning and importance of this act of obedience.


One of our biggest challenges is rides. I know some parents are working during Rev Up and getting students there is impossible without help. We want to make sure your students have rides. If you are willing to carpool, or be a designated driver, please let us know. We are looking at options for rides this year.


Another challenge is Sunday Mornings. Our Thursday Night Program is a more fun, invite your friends to kind of night. Sunday mornings are when we get deeper into the Bible. Please encourage your students to come to Sunday Morning Class as well as Sunday Worship. It provides a great balance for them. Together we can do this!


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