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Student Ministries


       Welcome to Revolution Student Ministries!

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At Sebastopol Christian Youth Ministries, we:

- Pray for our students daily
- Encourage them in their relationship with their Heavenly Father
- Uplift them and guide them towards choices which are good and right
- Share the word with them, lead Bible studies with them, and teach them the truth
- Big or small, our group has fun, worships Jesus, and praises our every day!

Why we do what we do:

Our staff of volunteers has a big heart for junior high and high school aged students. We were there not too long ago, and we want to encourage and uplift students as much as we can during the turbulent time that his high school. We start by learning about the word of God, studying it closely in our brief lesson, and then learning to interact with others in a Biblical way. We aim to nourish the relationships between students and God by meeting regularly and fostering life-long relationships with them. 

What we do:

We meet every week (5:15-6:30 for junior high, 6:45-8:00 for high school) for fellowship, snacks, games, and activities. We post a calendar of events inside the church seasonally, and we host events ranging from board game nights to laser tag to full on missions trips. Contact us if you have any questions about our student ministry events -- we would love to meet you and your family.


What you can do to stay in the loop:

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Upcoming Events:


  • Saturday, February 24th: Guy's Breakfast! High school guys are invited to join Luke and Gabe for breakfast. Meet at the church at 10:00 AM.

  • Wednesday, March 14th: Bowling Night for high school group! Meet at the church at 5 PM!

  • Wednesday, March 21st: Sports Night for junior high! Meet at the church ready for some ball, 5:00 PM!


Youth Pastor: Luke Sanders (707) 953 - 6002 | e-mail:

Girls Leader & Volunteer Lead: Hannah Rouley (510) 943 - 9584 | e-mail:

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