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We're excited that you are considering baptism. Baptism has a deep spiritual significance. Through the centuries, Christians have declared their commitment to Jesus through this important ritual. Jesus Himself was baptized and told all His followers to be baptized too. It is a time of celebration and closeness with God.

The word “baptism” in the New Testament language comes from a word that means, “to dip”, or “to immerse.” It was used as a term describing the process of dipping cloth into a dye to give color to the cloth. A white cloth dipped in blue dye is now identified with the color blue—it is a blue cloth.

Baptism has a similar role for the Christian. In Christ’s ministry, and in the ministry of the early church, baptism was an ordinance through which people publicly declared their identity with Jesus as His follower. Baptism represents a person’s choice to leave one way of living to begin a new way of living – a life identified with the Person and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Baptism does not save you. Christ’s death on the cross and your faith in Him is what saves you. Baptism is simply a public demonstration that you are now living for Christ. And it is your identification with His death and resurrection.

Here are some key passages of scripture for your reflection:

Matt. 28:18-20, Rom. 6:1-11, and Acts 8:26-38; 10:48; 16:14-15, 23-24

We encourage you to invite your family and friends to come and celebrate with you at your baptism!

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If you want to be baptized you can fill out the request form here, just check the baptism box and a member of our staff will be in touch with you.