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after school bible club

Meets every Thursday during the public school calendar school year at 1:20 pm to 2:45 pm downstairs at Sebastopol Christian Church. We have a 'walking school bus' pickup at Park Side Elementary School at 1:10 & 1:20 pm. Parents pick kids up at SCC - 7433 Bodega Ave, Sebastopol CA. Serves TK to 5th grade students.

Brook Haven students in 5th and 6th grade are welcome as well. They will need their own transportation to/from the church.

What is Bible Club?

Bible Club is an exciting fun-filled time that includes dynamic Bible lessons, songs, Scripture, games and other activities focused around the lesson theme. The purpose of Bible Club is to give a clear presentation of the Gospel and an opportunity for children to trust Jesus as their Savior. We focus on discipleship to build character and strengthen moral and spiritual growth. All children are encouraged to attend a local church.

This year our theme is 'Who is Jesus?' each week we will be exploring some of the names of Jesus and why He is called by those names. Some names that we will be exploring are: The Christ, The Word, The Great Healer, Creator and The Lion Judea.

Our Bible Club schedule looks like this:

  • Kids come in and wash hands
  • active game
  • Snack
  • Lesson (sometimes with video)
  • small groups
  • craft or game that emphasizes the lesson theme
  • parent pick up time

Meet our Bible Club leaders

Eve Joseph and Holly Dack are sisters who have attended Sebastopol Christian Church since it's inception in 1965! They have been running after school Bible Club for the past six years. Sherry Dillon (Eve and Holly's cousin!) joins our volunteer staff this year. She was raised at SCC as well since 1965. Amber Hernandez is Director of Children's Ministry at SCC.

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