Deaconess Committees

Church Family Support Team

Focus is on visitors, new members, new believers, new moms, newlyweds, seniors

  • Send cards to visitors, newly baptized members, new members, shut-ins, those who are ill.
  • Arrange for a gift card and devotional for first marriages and first-born babies for active members
  • Assist Deacons by providing support and guidance to families prior to a move.

Home Visits & Bereavement Support (subcommittee)

  • Check in with shut-ins and seniors with visits and ascertain needs such as meals (can be referred to the Meal Train), household, financial or spiritual assistance
  • Bereavement support: come alongside families after the loss of a loved one, provide prayer support and encouragement

Communion Preparation

  • Prepare a one-year schedule of monthly volunteers from February through January for Sunday morning services
  • Volunteers will prepare communion prior to the services and clean up after according to the instructions
  • Send schedule to all volunteers with letter describing duties. Send reminder cards each month.
  • Schedule a training/appreciation luncheon for all volunteers at the beginning of the year
  • Maintain a supply of communion crackers and grape juice

Greeters (work with the Director of Community Life)

  • Invite volunteers
  • Each quarter, prepare a weekly schedule of volunteers to greet in the upstairs and downstairs libbies for both services
  • Email a letter explaining the duties of a greeter to all volunteers
  • Email a weekly reminder to greeters
  • Deaconesses are asked to step in to ensure coverage if volunteers don't show up

Kitchen Supplies/Deaconess Closet

  • Utilizing the kitchen supply list, maintain supplies in kitchen and deaconess closet
  • Shop for all needed items, reimbursements available through treasurer
  • Maintain the deaconess closet, kitchen pantry, and cupboards

Meals in Time of Need

  • Use Meal Train or call Life Groups or church members to provide meals when needed (e.g., birth of a new baby, illness, surgery, injury)for up to two weeks. The time can be extended beyond two weeks in special circumstances.

Memorial & Special Luncheons

  • Special luncheons include those for church members who are widows or are having a significant birthday. Also includes staff member, deacon or deaconess member who are leaving our church due to a major move outside of the area.
  • Coordinate food for memorials including set up and clean up. Ask for Deacons assistance when needed
  • Make sure you have a set up and clean up committee

Donut Detail

  • recruit people to clean up foyer coffee/donuts after 2nd service
  • Dispose of donut boxes and bring extra donuts and coffee carafes to the kitch and wash out

First Aid Supplies

  • Maintain supplies in the first aid kit in the kitchen


  • Invite volunteers
  • Prepare a one-year schedule of monthly volunteers to handle laundry needs
  • Send schedule to all volunteers with letter explaining duties
  • Send monthly reminder cards


  • Assist with baptisms and take photo for baptism board
  • Ensure robes and towels are clean and ready for baptism
  • Prepare and serve communion after baptism
  • Ensure laundry is put in basket


  • Meet and decide on a minimum of 6 outreach projects for the year
  • Coordinate outreach to our church body and/or community

Connection Team (all Deaconesses)

  • Greet, meet, and help all members and visitors to feel welcome
  • Invite members to join a Life Group

Giving Fund

  • A monthly offering ($2-$5) is taken at each Deaconess meeting and distributed at Christmas to a needy family or families or to another worthy endeavor agreed upon by the Deaconesses